MDs Call for Help: Three Fundraisers You Might Want to Consider

The current pandemic has set a tone of loss and uncertainty, and many doctors are faced with challenges that they cannot deal with alone. Fortunately, the Filipino culture of Bayanihan and love for one’s neighbour has buoyed these trials and we see a rise in proactive fundraisers that seek to help these physicians or their loved ones. Here are three fundraisers that we know of that you might want to check out. From artistic coffee mugs, commissioned art to simple 1 peso donations, there are many choices for any willing patron.

Mikking Miracles: Help Dr. Mikki Fight Against Ovarian Cancer

Mikking Miracles

Mikking Miracles: Picture of Dr. Mikki B. Miranda

Dr. Mikki B. Miranda is a pediatrician in training in the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital. She was diagnosed with Stage III Ovarian Cancer last year (2019) and has undergone surgery and chemotherapy during that time. She came back to active duty during the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, she started to feel symptoms again related to her cancer.

She underwent a second operation and it was confirmed that her disease had returned and that she would need additional second-line treatment.

Currently, her facebook page is filled with her humble efforts to support her treatment. She not only has a gogetfunding page where you can donate for as little as one peso, but she also does custom mugs printed with her own artwork. According to her site, batch one of the custom mugs are already being made and we just need to stay tuned to sign up for batch 2.

Dr. Milkki's Custom Mugs

Dr. Milkki’s Custom Mugs

For more information, click here.

RED is Love

Dr. Red Balmeo

Dr. Red Balmeo’s picture in his Fundraising FB Page

Dr. Reginald “RED” Balmeo is a Pediatrician specializing in Pediatric Pulmonology. He graduated from the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital for both his residency and fellowship training. He is known as a very bright doctor and also a very willing teacher to younger doctors. In December 2019, he was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma in his scalp, a type of skin cancer known for its aggressive nature and propensity to spread. Undergoing multiple surgeries and also faced with the heavy expenses of immunotherapy, his friends and colleagues that have had their lives touched by him started numerous fundraising campaigns. Current campaigns include commissioned art as well as monetary donations through different channels.

Helping Hands

Helping Hands campaign for Dr. Red Balmeo

To know more about his journey, here is a great article posted in the Philippine Inquirer: Painting the Town Red

To view his Community Fundraiser Facebook Page, click here.

GoFundMe for Assunta De Rivera

Assunta de Rivera

Assunta de Rivera, mother of Dr. Meg de Rivera

Mrs. Assunta De Rivera is the mother of Dr. Meg De Rivera, a Pediatrician who is is a graduate of the University of the Philippines – Philippine General Hospital. Her mother developed flu-like symptoms last July 14 and was unfortunately confirmed to be due to COVID-19 infection. Her course was rocky, as her lung function gradually decreased and her need for supplemental oxygen was still very high. She eventually developed severe lung infection due to her weakened state and has since then been put on a ventilator. Dr. Meg de Rivera’s sister, Tricia de Rivera, started a GoFundMe Page to help with their finances as their modest savings and investments have been pushed to the brink and the road to recovery for their mother is still long. You can donate as little as $5 or any equivalent value based on GoFundMe’s policies.

For more information and to find out how to donate, please click here.

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