FAQs of Doctors About Frontliners Pilipinas – Find Your Doctor

For Doctors:

Is Frontliners Pilipinas – Find Your Doctor a telemedicine platform?

No. Frontliners Pilipinas (FP for short) is an online database of actively practicing doctors during the pandemic. We only help patients connect to doctors through the database or our Facebook page, and then they communicate privately in whatever platform they agree upon. So technically for doctors, they are free to use whatever technology or website they are already using for their telemedicine (they can post it in their profile too).

Does FP collect patient data?

No. The current policy of this initiative is that we do not collect patient data. We just try to facilitate the initial doctor-patient contact and then let both parties communicate privately.

Does FP collect physician data?

Yes. As a doctor-run initiative, we also empathize with our colleagues regarding privacy and safety concerns with regards to all our data. We do collect physician data, mostly what the doctors would like to be public, such as clinic schedule, telemedicine links etc. The only private data we collect would be PRC #, date of birth, and contact number which are solely used for verification purposes as to maintain the integrity of the database. We are not affiliated with any pharmaceutical, biomedical company, or any other entity that would have other uses for doctors’ data beyond the terms and conditions of the website.

What is the use of this website?

This website is an online database for all the actively practicing Philippine doctors during this COVID pandemic. The public profiles act as an online business card for patients so they can contact doctors easier by having clickable links to their telemedicine accounts or social media for patients. It also can help patients discern doctors who are closest to them based on location or are trained in the specialty/subspecialty that is appropriate for their disease condition. Doctors can also use this to find other doctors for referrals, as there is a messaging feature available for doctor to doctor correspondence.

Do you profit from this website?

Signing up is free and there is no subscription cost. We do have plans for alternative ways to generate funds to maintain the website which will be implemented in the future.